Pictures from our car show Oct 27, 2013
Marty's Mustang Madness Marty's Mustang Madness Marty's Mustang Madness
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Marty's Mustang Madness
Let us build one for you!

Marty's Mustang Madness       Marty's Mustang Madness can restore your vehicle back to factory original specs, or customize as radical as you dare.

Marty's Mustang Madness

      We can service most any make or model of vehicle, but our specialty is '64½ to '70 Mustangs.
      In the past few years we have had quite a few Mustangs pass through these doors. From complete restorations to repairing a quarter panel.

Can't find that Fastback you're looking for?
Can't afford it when you do?
We are now accepting orders for our
'65-'68 Coupe to Fastback Conversions

Cap Mustangs For Sale

Cap Currently in the Shop:

Gary's 67 Fastback
Chris' 69 Convertible
1965 Fastback
Marty's Prostreet Fastback Conversion
1968 Bronco

Recent Completions:

Jason's 67 Coupe
Paul's 67 Coupe
67 Lone Star Limited Number 3
67 Lone Star Limited
65 Ranchero
Nanette's 66 Coupe
Virgil's 69 Fastback
James' 66 Convertible
Brett's 67 Coupe
Chuck's 68 GT
Kailee's 66 Coupe
Lori's 66 Coupe
Ryan's Coupe to Fastback Conversion
67 Blue Bonnet Special
Sandy's 65 Coupe
Jeff's 65 Mustang Convertible Cobra
Josh's 68 Coupe
Brian's 66 Convertible
1973 Mach 1
Resurrected 68 Coupe
Brian's 64½ Coupe
Black 66 Coupe

Complete list on the
Projects Page

Cap Some Non-Mustangs we have recently worked with:
65 Falcon Club Wagon
Jack's Camaro
56 Chevy Wagon
68 Chevelle, 1950 Pontiac, 55 Chevrolet,
Red 1968 Ford Pickup, Flamed 55 Chevy Wagon,
Red 1951 Chevrolet Pickup, 1975 Spitzer R.E.D.

Little Man Big Gun
Lori's 66

Let us build one for you!

A Fun Picture
The Outlaw

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See Dad's Restored John Deere Tractors:
Most of the painting is done here!

Marty's Mustang Madness