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Brian's '64½ Coupe


      A very well preserved '64½ . We have been asked to make it run and drive dependably, and give it a little sparkle!

      The top two photos show the car as we found it. It had been sitting here about 12 years.

      After getting it back to the shop we were able to get it running and driving on it's own power, but this old pony is very tired.



      The car has seen a little bit of abuse in it's day, but we will take care of that. Just a bit of surface rust on the undercarriage. The floors are not rusted through.

      An "F" code car, it left the factory with a V8 2bbl and an automatic transmission. The original power plant has not survived, but the car is still a V8 2bbl. The '64½ generator is still doing it's job.

      The interior is still serviceable, but new upholstery, carpets, and dashpad will make it more pleasant.


      The disassembly has begun.

      The engine, transmission, and rear end have been removed. Then the car is put on the rotisserie for cleaning and preparation for paint.


      All the cleaning and painting has paid off! The engine compartment and undercarriage not only looks better, but is also protected from additional rust.


      Outside, a few rough areas have been smoothed out. We are almost ready to begin putting it all back together!




      The Mustang is back on it's wheels now. New suspension, shocks and brakes.




      Body work on the roof and rear quarter panels is complete.




      Beginning to apply the black finish!






      The rebuilt engine and transmission are back in the car and running smoothly.




      The interior is now complete! New upholstery and carpets. The new a/c blows cold air. The new original looking radio even plays mp3s!




      The doors and the hood are finished and installed. We almost have a car!

Marty's Mustang Madness Paint by Marty

Marty's Mustang Madness Paint by Marty