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Nanette's '66 Mustang Coupe
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      This one came to us already disassembled and sandblasted.










      Along with a truck load of parts.






      New taillight panel is installed.






      Floor boards were partially replaced sometime back, but are rusting through again, because they were left bare.






      Both rear quarter panels are replaced.






      The rusted pieced together floors are replaced with a new one piece unit.












      With the body work finished the Mustang is ready for block sanding and then painting.






      The Mustang has been block sanded and seam sealer applied.

      A fresh coat of primer on top of that, and it is ready for the second block sanding.






      The old suspension is removed and the Mustang is put on the rotisserie.

      The new one piece floorboard is coated, top and bottom, with bedliner along with the rest of the bottom of the car.















      New springs all around, all new suspension. New front disc brakes with 4 lug rotors.










      Once again she is sitting on her own wheels.

      New doors are fitted.




      A hint of things to come.









      The refurbished 6 cylinder and C4 Automatic transmission are now in place.





      Time to splash some red!





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