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Brett's 1967 Mustang Coupe

      A very solid 67 "C" code Coupe. The current owner has started a restoration, and it comes to us without the engine, transmission, and interior. Our job is to do the body and paint work, and get the suspension back in shape.





      Dis-assembly and sandblasting reveals some typical Mustang rust in the rear quarter panels and some minor bumps and bruises that are to be expected in most any 45 year old vehicle.





      This one will make a very nice Mustang.








      New rear quarter panels on both sides replace the banged and rusted ones.





      The rusted out, patched up floorboards have been removed.









      New one piece floorboards with seat risers plus new toe boards are installed







      New core support and front fender aprons are now installed. The top of the left fender apron with the VIN number was not disturbed.




      The roof has caught it's share of bumps and bruises through the years, but will soon be slick enough for the new paint.




      Damage to the cowl area has been repaired and the body is about ready for final sanding.








      All of the suspension and drive line are removed, and the Mustang is put on the rotisserie for a thorough detailing.








      The floors now have a new coat of bedliner, both top and bottom. The engine compartment has been cleaned and painted. Ready for some bling!






      The Mustang is now off of the rotisserie and the new suspension is being installed.




      The Mustang now sits on it's own wheels.




      A sampling of the new paint color.




      New doors, new front fenders. New headliner is installed.



      All the glass has now been installed.





      It has all been leading up to this. New Paint!


















      The new wheels have arrived!









      The new Ford Racing crate engine is here.

      The new Tremec 5 speed transmission has also arrived.

Marty's Mustang Madness Paint by Marty