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Chuck's '68 Mustang GT


      A true "J" Code GT Coupe. Relatively rust free, it has the rare front bench seat and even more rare overhead console.





      In a past life the Mustang was owned by a family with several teenagers. After they all had their turn learning to drive, the old pony was left with many bumps and bruises.
      The top picture shows that yet another owner used the battered Mustang to make a political statement.





      Now the car is in for a 21st Century make-over. With all four corners having been banged, repaired, and banged again, both rear quarter panels get replaced. The right front fender gets replaced with a cast-off from a show car. Only the left front is usable, and it needs some work.





      New woodgrain dash panels and a new wood rim steering wheel give the interior a fresh look.
      While the original GT wheels looked pretty good, the new 5-spoke aluminum wheels look even better.





      After a final block sanding, the body is ready for paint.





      The engine bay gets cleaned and painted.




      All new front suspension including new aftermarket power steering. Only the original power disc brakes were retained. A new mastercylinder and power booster is installed.




      A correctly numbered 1968 "J" code 302 4bbl is installed into the fresh engine bay.




      Now that it has been cut in, we get a glimpse of how it is going to look in Presidential Blue




      The original bench seat gets new seat covers, and the new deluxe door panels are installed.

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