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1968 Mustang Coupe
See it Finished HERE


      Ouch!!! This was a good, solid, regularly driven '68 Coupe as late as 2004, when it was involved a serious accident. One of those big city, chain reaction things that smashed both ends of this classic. The car was pronounced DOA and hauled away to become a parts donor. After the V8, automatic, and a few other choice goodies had been stripped away, it was discovered that the old girl just might still have some life left in her after all. The now empty engine compartment was filled with a 6-cyl automatic, and the parts rounded up to rebuild the front of the car.

      The damage to the rear of the car turned out to be too much for the typical weekend warrior to contend with so now the Mustang that once had one wheel in the crusher has found it's way to us.
      With very little rust to deal with, a new quarterpanel and taillight panel shored up the rear end nicely. After massaging out the remaining wrinkles we had ourselves a nice car. So nice, in fact, we found it worthy of some new upholstery and the car will soon be sporting a fresh coat of paint!

See it Finished HERE

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