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Virgil's '69 Fastback

      Used and abused, abandoned and forgotten. We don't have much more than a VIN, a title, and a Marti Report, but we want a 69 Fastback.





      Someone made a start at building a tilt front end, then gave up.





      After removing the crude tilt front, the Fastback is off to the sandblaster.

      Back from the sandblaster, we now can see all the flaws.





      The butchered firewall, frame rails, and fender aprons, all have to go.





      The new Dynacorn replacement parts have arrived and the fitting has begun.













































































      The new floors are coated top and bottom with bedliner to prevent rust.





















      For the first time in over 30 years the Mustang proudly stands on it's own four tires

Marty's Mustang Madness Paint by Marty