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1973 Mustang Mach 1

      This '73 Mach 1 comes in needing a complete make over. Some rust issues in the floors and quarter panels, but basically a good, solid, original Mach.
      We have started by replacing the trunk floor. We also found one of the rear shock mounts was about to break loose. Rear quarter panel will be changed out next.





      The taillight panel also had a bit of rust, so it was also replaced with a new one. Having this panel removed provided much better access to the trunk floor, allowing us to install the new one in one piece.









      Next comes the left rear quarter panel and wheel house. The rusted panels were removed and replaced with new.





      The right rear quarter panel gets the same treatment, plus the new fuel tank is now in place.





      Now the rear of the Mach 1, including the roof is slick and smooth and ready for sealer and primer.





      Moving to the front, we have removed the doors, and hood. The doors have a small amount of rust in the lower corners. This will be cut out and replaced with door skin patch.

      Next the engine and transmission come out. The FMX trans has some leaks that will need tending to. The 351 passed the compression test, and after properly wiring the electronic ignition, it runs great!. The engine well will get a thorough cleaning and painting before the engine and trans go back in.




      We now have all the glass removed. Good news! We found no additional rust around the the rear or front windshields. (Rust prone areas)
      We have also stripped everything out of the dashboard. The a/c and defroster duct work was deteriorating. The antiquated vacuum operated control box will be replaced with modern electronics. A lttle TLC on the original instrument panel will have it back in shape.




      The new floors are in. Full floor on the right side. Rear floor on the left.

      The new front aprons are now installed. The battery side had it's usual rust issues, the other side had some minor old collision damage. The front of this car was pushed over about 1.5" off center, but that has all been corrected now.


      The bottom of the Mach 1 has now been cleaned and smoothed, front to rear, and ready to receive new undercoating.

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