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Josh's 1968 Coupe


      Ouch!!! Even Classics get in a crash sometimes. This one was crunched front and rear about four years ago, and has been sitting since then.

      Josh has taken a personal interest in this one, and is doing almost all the work himself.



      Removal of the front sheet metal showed the true extent of the damage.





      The fender rails and core support had to be straightened and trued up.





      With a new radiator the chromed out V8 came back to life.



      Replacement hood and fenders are now in place.



      Rear quarter panels get some attention.





      A nice car before the crash, it soon will be again!





      Apparently, in the accident, someone's soft drink splattered all over the interior and was never cleaned up.

      All the dashboard trim and bezels had to be replaced. Fortunately all these items are readily available for a '68 Mustang.

      New carpet was also installed, but the upholstery and the interior door panels were still good.










      After new bumpers and trim, this Classic Mustang is once again roaring up and down the roads, and turning heads!

Let us build one for you!

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