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1967 Mustang Blue Bonnet Special

      A very rare 1967 Mustang Lone Star Limited. Known as the Blue Bonnet Special in Texas, due to it's unique color based on the State Flower of Texas.

      This car was among the original 175 Blue Bonnetts delivered to the Dallas Depot in the Spring of 1967. It has been used and abused, bumped and bruised, and somewhere along the way, someone that didn't appreciate what they had, changed the color.

      Fortunately the current owner does know what he has and is returning it to what it should be.

      After disassembly and sandblasting we found evidence of collision repair, and some areas of rust typical of a 40+ year old Mustang.

      This Blue Bonnet will soon bloom again!





      This Bluebonnet is getting new rear quarterpanels, including the inner wheel houses, new trunk floor drop offs, and a new one-piece floor pan.



The owner of this Bluebonnet Special
has set up his own website
documenting this car, as well as
Bluebonnets in general.
He is very knowledgeable
on the subject.

Check out his page here:































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