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Coupe to Fastback Conversion


      This one was towed in as a tired, used and abused, 6-cyl Coupe. Our assignment: Drive it out as a V8 Fastback!




      After a thorough inspection to make sure we had a good candidate for this project, we began by removing all the 6-cyl suspension and placing the car on the jig.






      The Coupe roof and rear quarter panels are removed, along with their support structure, to make way for the new fastback body panels.









      The new panels are put in place to check for fit.

      The new rear crossmember is now welded into place, as are the new trunk floor side panels, and the new tail light panel.









      Our friends at Future Fabrication Inc., headed by Mick Greenway, is building the fastback inner structure that can't be found anywhere else.









      Progressing slowly, but surely. Everything has to be just right.









      All of the new Fastback inner structure is squared up and true.







      The rear glass and doors in place, and everything fits properly.








      One last disassembly for some final grinding and cleaning.

      And the welding begins!




      The welding is complete. Our Coupe is no more.

      From here on out, we are working on a Fastback!















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