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Lori's 1966 Mustang Coupe

      Here is a '66 Coupe that has a had a restoration started. This is how it came in to us. The rest of it is in boxes. Many new parts have already been located and put away.








      Our first project will be to get rid of that rusted floor board and replace it with a new one piece unit.













      After a trip to the sandblaster, we can see what we have.

      The Mustang is in remarkably good shape for it's age. Only a small amount of rust and signs of previous collision repair, but very minor. We now have the makings of a slick Mustang.













      New core support and fender aprons are in place.













      New one piece floorboards are installed.

      Getting the body ready for paint.










      Once on the rotisserie the bottom side gets cleaned up.








      Floor boards are coated with bedliner, both top and bottom, to resist rust and dampen road noise.



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