Marty's Mustang Madness

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      Many of our customers don't need a complete rebuild. On any given weekend you can find one or all of these vehicles at a car show. We have done at least some paint work on each of these. When you run onto one of these at a show, take the time to look them over and visit with the owner. They will be happy to tell you who painted it!

1965 Mustang Convertible       Who doesn't love a red '65 Mustang Convertible? The GT trim and black interior make it all the better. We have helped the owner maintain this one in car show condition over the past few years, by replacing the hood, and catching small rust spots before they become large ones.
1970 Mustang Convertible       Green is an unusual color for a show car, but this low mileage, 1970 Mustang Convertible wins awards almost everytime it goes out. After sitting in a garage for over ten years, about all we needed to do was freshen-up the 30 year old paint.

They can't ALL be Mustangs

1981 Corvette       We repainted this 1981 Corvette for a customer that wanted a car he could enter in a car show, but also drive it regularly. It wins trophies, and also turns heads on the street!
1975 Pontiac Grandville       This 1975 Pontiac Grandville Convertible can draw attention just because it is so unusual, but the weathered paint was very distracting. After removing a few hail dings, and repainting the hood, it was back on the road to winning awards!

      This car has it's own website.

1931 Model AA       We should all look so good at 75 years old! 1931 Ford Model "AA" Stake Bed Truck, has a room full of trophies. The customer brought in the hood to be repainted. The truck was never in the shop. The color match is perfect!

      This truck has it's own website.

Paint by Marty