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Jeff's 1965 Mustang Convertible
Cobra Touring


      What happens when you cross a '65 Mustang Convertible with a '95 Mustang Cobra? We will soon find out!




      This is a very nice '65 Convertible. It has been dressed up with GT appearance options, but under the hood resides that lame little 200 six banger.
      We will take the 5.0 engine, 5-speed trans, and rear end from the Cobra to give the Convertible a little muscle. We will also use the Cobra's 4-wheel disc brakes, because those 1965 drum brakes just will not do!





      The '95 rear end was shortened to match the '65 specs. All the '95 mounting hardware had to be removed and the '65 hardware put on.










      With all the front suspension and crossmembers removed from the '65, the engine and transmission came out the bottom in one unit. Saving a lot of wear and tear on the shiny fender paint. (and our backs!)


      The 5.0 was removed and disassembled. It was in very good condition. We added a new cam and freshened it up.


      How about a little bling!

      The new surpentine belt kit has chrome plated everything, including the new alternator, power steering pump and a/c compressor.

      Sitting atop the new intake is a new, self contained electronic fuel injection system that doesn't require an additional on-board computer.




      To get the maximum amount of rubber on the road without butchering this Classic Mustang, we went with 17x8 wheels on the front, 17x9 on the rear, with P245/45ZR17 tires all around. Perfect!




      A new dual resevoir master cylinder and power booster will improve the braking.

      The single A-Frame, coil-over front suspension with rack and pinion power steering will help keep the 5.0 Cobra between the ditches.

      With this car being a factory automatic, we had to add a clutch pedal inside to keep control of the Cobra 5-speed.



      We now have a 5.0, 5-Speed '65 Ragtop! The engine and transmission are in with no surprises.

      After many hours of tweaking, the PowerjectionIII fuel injection system is doing it's job perfectly. This little pony has come along way from it's 6 cylinder automatic beginnings. Now it's a fuel injected V8 5 speed with 4 wheel disc brakes! This car is both dependable and powerful. Drives and handles very well. Awesome!



      Just before sending the car home with it's owner, we took it to the Texoma Vintage and Classic Car Club's annual car show. The ragtop received a lot of oohs and aahs from the crowd, plus it also won a "Best in Class" Award! Awesome again!

Let us build one for you!

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