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Sandy's 65 Coupe
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      This is a very well preserved '65 Mustang Coupe, never been seriously molested or crashed. It is a 6-cyl automatic with power steering and air. A black vinyl top and even a center console.


      It has been very well taken care of, but for the past several years has been sitting in a garage untouched. Over the next few months we will bring it back to being something to be proud of.






      Removing the front sheet metal revealed almost no rust and no indication the car was ever in an accident. Removing the paint from the rear quarter panels revealed a small amount of rust and the remnants of a small parking lot ding.


      It was under the vinyl top that we found the biggest problem. Moisture underneath the vinyl had caused some major rust to the top. The entire outer skin of the top will have to be replaced.







      New tops are not available for a 65 Mustang Coupe, but thanks to a donor car, this vinyl top victim has been spared.






















      A little rust on the rear quarter panels is pretty common for a 45 year old Mustang. This one has less than most.

      We cut out the rust and replace it with a patch panel.




      Rusted floorboards are cut out and replaced with new panels.

      The new floors will be sealed weather tight then coated both top and bottom with spray on bedliner. Should be good for another 45 years!




      The engine and transmission are moved out of the way for more cleaning and painting.




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